Downloading high-res Images to phone

Downloading your images from the gallery is the best way to ensure that you're getting the best quality file.

Taking a screenshot from the gallery to post on social media only compresses the quality of the image and in most cases ends up looking pixellated - please refrain from posting screenshots if possible!

The video below will show you how to download the high-resolution image straight to your phone.

Note: if you don't see the download button, please reach out. I can enable it.

Posting correctly

A lot of thought goes into the cropping of each photo. Please keep cropping to a minimum, if at all.

Instagram crops verticals to an 8x10 (4x5) format, and allows for horizontal photos as well... If possible, please refrain from cropping images to a square.

Use this button on Instagram to pull the crop out to vertical or horizontal.

You may still have wiggle room vertically after clicking the button. Try dragging the photo up or down.

Thank you for representing us well.