The candid moments that people have- the laughter that flows uncontrollably- the tears of joy that dad wipes away as he walks you down the aisle- that hilarious dance move that your uncle did on the reception dance floor- those are the cherished memories that you'll want to re-live all over again.. Sometimes video is the only way to capture that energy.

Wedding cinematography

Ashton & Liam

Ashton & Liam tie the knot at Newport Country Club.

Erica & Brandon

Upstate New York in October is just about as good as it gets for a videographer wanting to make an epic wedding film. Their families have been going to Sunny Hill for retreats and reunions since they were little and they got to tie the knot in a place that that already had a special place in their heart.

Thank you for having us Erika & Brandon!


Want ceremony views? Try getting married on top of Wildcat Mountain! This was was absolutely perfect. Katie and Cam made their dream wedding a reality and tied the knot in the clouds. A must-watch!

Kristin & Jason

Right across the water from Portsmouth, NH is a venue in Kittery, ME called The View. Kristin & Jason could not have picked a better place for a wedding reception. With a gorgeous dining room upstairs and a dance floor downstairs with a live band, these two had the time of their lives while overlooking a beautiful view of the water.

This day was filled with joy & happiness and we're so grateful to have been a part of it.

Kayla & Brian

There's really nothing like a warm summer wedding day on the ocean in Rhode Island. Kayla & Brian's wedding was one that I would be happy to shoot every other weekend. Perfect weather, perfect couple, and so much love in the air. Watching this video makes me miss summer!

Thank you so much for having us Kayla & Brian!

Erin & John

Try not to cry- I dare you.... "...and it was when I saw your vulnerability and your goofiness that I fell in love... and I fell hard, and I fell fast..." -Erin

Boston was lucky enough to host this incredible couple and their wedding day! Hit play and grab the tissue box, this rainy wedding day was a special one :)

Thanks so much for having us Erin & John!