Professionally produced video content is one of the best things you can invest in for your company. When it comes to engaging with your customers, using sight, sound, and motion will be your most captivating and effective way of getting a message across. See some examples below of how others have had success using this tool.

St. John's School

Attleboro, Ma

Enter a Heading

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The Running Mates

The Running Mates needed a "playlist" style video, showcasing their favorites wedding songs to show off to engaged couples! Imagine having these two playing in the background at your wedding cocktail hour... Perfection!

The USA500

Interview and b-roll footage, edited together in a simple yet effective piece not only to be informative, but to spark excitement and curiosity in the viewer.

The view

Show off your space to the world with short Social Media edits. Here's a video for The View at Pepperrell Cove- a newly renovated venue in Maine!

The Shade - Movie Premiere

Red King Cinema presents - The Shade!


Why post just a photo of your product? Bring the image to life!

Here's stop-motion GIF image we created for AP Fragrance. This type of content is fantastic for social media! Post it as a video on instagram or a GIF on Facebook and it will play automatically on repeat. How cool is that!

Fitness Videos

Whether you're a personal trainer, model, or competitive bodybuilder, videography is a tool that will take your content to the next level.

This video for Craig was filmed at The Top Strength Project and only took about 45 minutes of shooting with minimal equipment.

a Military Press

A personal project for Social Media

"Q: How many ways can you light a Military Press?

A: How many sets are we doing?"