Let's define our terms

Short, Long, Medium- no, we're not taking about coffee, although I'd be more than happy provide caffeinated beverages for the shoot! The Packages below come with "Credits" that you can use to customize what kinds of videos you'd like every month.

Short Video (1 Video Credit)- A video up to 45 seconds, typically used for short announcements, updates, or product features.

Medium Length Video (2 Video Credits)- A video up to two minutes in length, typically used when the subject being communicated requires a more in-depth explanation, such as tutorials or testimonials.

Long Video (4 Video Credits)- A video up to 6 minutes in length, typically used as a thorough promotional video showcasing the entire company, interviews, or in-depth quarterly updates.

Event Coverage: Photography, Video, or a bit of each.

"Wild Card" Shoot: Sometimes things happen unpredictably that you'd love to get content for! Use this for those moments. Equivalent to two video credits or one photoshoot (about 20 images).

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Monthly packages

Tier 1

-per month-
One Session
Up to 15 edited photos
2 Video Credits


Tier 2

-per month-
Two Sessions
Up to 40 edited photos
4 Video Credits


Tier 3

-per month-
Two Sessions
Up to 80 edited photos
7 Video Credits
One "Wild Card" Shoot
1 Event every 6 months


Tier 4

-per month-
Four Sessions
Up to 150 edited photos
11 Video Credits
One "Wild Card" Shoot
Two Events every 6 months


"I'm not sure what to post"

The possibilities are endless!

Customer Testimonials

Virtual Newsletters


Team Member Introductions

Product Spotlights


Product How-To Videos

Team Member Headshots

Facility Virtual Tours

Customer Appreciation Videos

Company Event Invitations

Promotional Videos

Company Origins Videos


the compound effect

The more we shoot, the better it gets.

When we're creating content for your business, we're shooting tons of photos and videos that can be re-used.

Let's say we've been shooting for 7 months, and on month 8 we need a lot of action shots to overlay with interview footage for a longer video. Do we have to re-shoot those action shots every time we need them? No- by then we'll have a massive library of content that has already been gathered and can pull from whenever we need to!

This means better videos, more curated footage, and a growth of quality in content over time.


This pricing is based on a six-month contract. Month-to-month booking is available with a 30% increase.

You can upgrade your package at any time during the contracted months. Downgrading the package will increase the following month by 30%.