Album Options & Upgrades

Cover materials available with your wedding package album.

Left to right: Teal, Tan, Sage, Brown, Grey, Pink and Blue Fabrics; Ruby and Navy Silks; Natural Linen

Left to Right: Black Leatherette, Slate Leatherette, Red Faux, Purple Faux, Navy Blue Faux, Lime Green Faux, Brown Faux, Aqua Faux, Black Faux

Upgraded Cover Material: $80

Album Cover Upgrades:

Photos for Cameo and Combo covers are chosen by you (text may be added upon request)

Cameo Cutout:  $40

Combo Cover: $55

Debossing: $45

Available in Black, White, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, and Rose Gold Foil

Placement: Center, Lower Right, or Lower Center

Fonts: Oswald or Quicksand

Note: some debossing colors are not available for all leathers types. 

Rose gold foil debossing in the Quicksand
font on Honey Distressed Leather
Black debossing in the Oswald font
on Black Premium Leather